Mobile Marketing Works!

Smartphone sales have exploded.  80% of new phone purchases are an iPhone, Android or other smartphone.

Smartphones allow users to interact online with the internet, Facebook and maps.  They can get “turn by turn” driving directions and even talk to a built in software assistant that talks back.

Worldwide there are 4 billion mobile phones in use and 1.08 billion are smartphones.  3.05 billion can send and receive text messages

By 2014 mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage.

This is a Biggie… 1 in 3 mobile searches is local and 95% of all smartphone users have looked up local information.  That means that almost all smartphone users use their phone to find local businesses.

Specifically, smartphones have become the ultimate shopping companion.  The numbers back it up.  Among smartphone uses:

79% have used a smartphone to help shopping

54% to find a retailer

49% to compare prices

48% to get promotions or coupons

44% to read reviews or get product info

And when they look up information they take action.  After looking up local information

60% call or visit a business

44% actually make a purchase.

3 Mobile Trends

Compare that to any other media out there today and you will quickly realize 3 things.

1. Mobile search is hot.

2. The mobile market is growing

3. Mobile marketing is the key to survival

All offline media is not completely dead. In fact direct mail is very effective today.  However offline media is now secondary to online marketing.  In fact offline can be used to drive people online.

According to Google, 74% of smartphone owners have used their mobile device to help with shopping specifically because they saw an offline ad, such as a newspaper or mailer.

So there is a huge opportunity for the local business owner to take advantage of this growing trend.  And by jumping on early you will be able to crush 90% of your competition just by being “mobile friendly”

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