Social Media Marketing Makes a Splash

Maybe you are on Facebook 6 hours a day or maybe you can’t even spell Facebook.  Either way, love them or hate them social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are very popular and can mean more business for you.

Ignore it and you could be missing out on a whole segment of business from people that are social media addicts.  Once you know how to use social media you will realize it is just another method for keeping in touch with your customers and prospects.

Specifically, social media can help you stay in front of loyal customers. Also the social part of it allows them to easily refer you to all or their friends.

Social media profiles are taken into account by Google and Bing  in the Local Business Listings as well.  So even if you don’t have a huge fan base or are not super active on Facebook, it still will benefit you to set up a page.

Benefits Of Social Media

There are many benefits to social media.

  • It’s free.
  • It’s immediate.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy for customers to share.
  • Interactive, you build a relationship.
  • Build a brand.

A regular user of Facebook will check their account multiple times a day.  Some people are on it all day.  It has become their preferred method of communication.  An active user doesn’t email their friends anymore, they Facebook them.  So reach out to these people in a way they prefer.  Heck, they may want to do business with you just because you are another Facebook user.

The Keys To Facebook

Use the following tips to build a presence, develop a following and bring in more business.

Set Up Your Profile

Set up a business profile, not a personal one.  Even if you have a personal one you need to get one for your business.  Do this for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Set up your profile using your top keywords.  Make sure your profile is 100% complete.

Get Liked

The whole point to being social is to have lots of people friend you, follow you and like you.  The more the better.  Popularity will lend a degree of credibility to your business.  It is a form of social proof.

The key is to offer people an incentive for taking action.  For example, you can reward them for “liking” you on Facebook with a free desert.  Don’t beg or plead, just make the offer for a limited period of time.  If they are interested they will do it.

Make it easy for them.  Add links on your blog, website, and mobile site.  This can tie in with all the other marketing you are doing.  Just add the social media to it as well.

Stay active and check your page every day.  If somebody takes the time to leave a comment then make sure you respond to it

Connect With Other Businesses

Find businesses on Facebook that are complimentary to yours.  In other word businesses that your customers might use as well.

For example an owner of a Yoga Studio may want to connect with local fan pages of a Day Spa, Massage Therapist and Health Food store.

Connect with these businesses on Facebook and offer value to that business.  Be a giver.  A comment you make on their status, done appropriately can be a subtle way to let people know you are there.

It might be good to have an offline conversation with these people to set up a reciprocal agreement with each other.

Don’t be too obvious by putting a promo there.  Just be natural and non-selling.  The customers will see your post and that will bring you to the front of their mind.

Bing has said they take note of who is following who as well, so this can help you rank higher on their Local Business Listings.

Post This!

But what do you post?

You want to be timely and relevant.  Meaning you want to bring up stuff that is on everybody’s mind already and put your twist on it.

If it’s Super Bowl week you can find some interesting news story about a player and make an amusing comment about it.  Also find stuff related to your industry and what your customers might find interesting.

Don’t post anything that is questionable or offensive.  When in doubt don’t post.  And don’t post if you have nothing to say.

Again use the 3 to 1 rule of content to offers.  3 non-promotional posts to every 1 promotional.  And you may even want to up that to 5 or 6 to one if you are a frequent poster.  No more than one offer a week.

Social media may come naturally to you if you are a regular on Facebook.  If you are not comfortable with it then you need to start using your personal profile everyday to get the hang of it. Then the transition will be easier.

If you can’t do it find somebody who can.  There are professionals that can manage this for you.  Make sure to do it. Don’t be left behind.


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